Smart water heaters: more comfortable, more economical!

What if you switched to a new generation water heater to improve your comfort, make your life even more accessible, and save energy? Much more than a simple gadget, the smart water heater guarantees optimal and personalized comfort, whatever your lifestyle and household composition.

In the context of savings and optimization of energy expenditure, the water heater is not left out. A water heater makes it easier to manage your domestic hot water consumption. Do you want to have total control over your hot water tank? Then a smart water heater is for you.

What is a smart hot water system?

In our homes, many appliances are now connected to the internet via wifi or other means. They can also be controlled by a computer, a website, or even a simple smartphone. A smart water heater respects these principles.

Indeed, this device allows you to manage many of the parameters of your water heater yourself. Connected to one of your peripherals via an application allows you to control, manage and steer it remotely.

You can thus control your water heater remotely, from home or outside, without having to intervene directly on the box.

To take full advantage of the features of your water heater, make sure you have all the necessary equipment:

  • A smart water heater
  • A wifi connection.
  • The application for your water heater
  • A smartphone or tablet

Once you are equipped, you will need to create an account on the app, link your bridge to your account, and pair your connected equipment (water heater, radiators, towel dryer…). All you have to do is enjoy the benefits of connectivity!

Read this beginner guide to hot water system if you need to catch up on this topic!

New generation smart water heaters: what are they for?

To improve your daily life! Thanks to connectivity, your water heater becomes an appliance you can control and operate according to your needs and schedule.

With a water heater connected to the Internet, you always have the right amount of hot water when you need it, and straightforwardly.

  • More comfort: enjoy the right amount of hot water daily when needed. You don’t have to adapt to the hot water it produces, but the other way around!
  • More convenience: no need to intervene on the control box of your water heater; you can carry out your activities on the application, with your fingertips, in a few seconds and at any time. Even if you are not at home!
  • More savings: you manage your absences and control your daily consumption for anti-waste production.

Smart water heaters and intelligent electric water heaters

An intelligent electric water heater allows you to use electricity to heat domestic hot water. However, the concept of a connected water heater is wrongly confused with that of a smart water heater. The intelligent electric water heater adapts the amount of hot water it produces to what the home consumes. This electric water heater can be connected to photovoltaic panels, thus saving even more.

What about other smart products for the home?

To enjoy 100% connected thermal comfort in your home, think of other connected devices, such as :

  • Smart radiators, to control the temperature of your bedroom or living room to the nearest degree, switch to absence mode when you are on weekend or holiday, easily program heating periods, monitor your consumption… You can even control them by voice!
  • Smart towel dryers for optimum comfort in your bathroom and to ensure the ideal temperature when you get out of the shower!
  • Smart boilers and heat pumps: for indoor heat when you want it
  • Smart ventilation: so that the ventilation rate adapts to your lifestyle
  • Smart air conditioning: to obtain different temperatures in each room. So you can enjoy the ideal comfort of your living room or bedroom with complete discretion.
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