When I first became interested in technology and web development, I was unsure about where my career would take me. I completed my education and learned relevant skills, but I was not sure where I would fit in.

My first few jobs involved working for bigger companies. Managing their IT systems, handling website maintenance and updates, merging new software into the company operations and performing routine maintenance on servers.

These jobs taught me what it meant to work in the modern economy, where technology takes on greater importance than anyone could have imagined. But they also showed me that I was ready to strike out on my own.

I believed that my skills could be better served in an independent environment, where I was able to take on the projects that interested me the most. It allowed me the freedom to work with smaller businesses, startups, non-profit organizations and other unique ventures.

Now I provide my services on a purely freelance basis, working on the projects that excite me. I specialize in web development, website design, online marketing, database and server consulting, and general IT consulting.

Those who are hoping to acquire my services can contact me through the website. My email information is listed on the site. I will do my best to get back to you the same day, so that we can move quickly.

I also have a blog that I maintain regularly, where I write about the latest tech news and information that interests me. I may come across a story and do my own research, providing a different point of view to the one you can find on almost every major tech site.

Some of my blogs are focused on helpful tips, how-to guides or other information that I believe businesses should know in the modern economy.

I have now spent close to a decade involved with the tech industry in some shape or form. And I am enthusiastic about what the next decade will bring, both on a personal and professional level.

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