Crypto-currency mining made easy and efficient

Making money without doing anything is everyone’s dream. However, everyone knows that this is impossible. At least in part, the creation of crypto-currencies (which is called mining) makes your computer work for you, with potentially significant profits.

Why can cryptographic coins make you money in 2019?

There is a real economy behind all these coins and digital assets in 2018. As in the stock market, these virtual currencies lose or increase in value, depending on the law of supply and demand. In the same way, you can buy or resell them according to market trends. The goal is, of course, to buy them at the lowest price and sell them at the highest price. Instead of buying them, you also have the opportunity to “extract” them. You can either acheter du bitcoin en ligne or mine it!

What is mining?

Now you’ve understood what a crypto-currency is and how to make money out of it. Mining is securing transactions and encrypting them. It requires a lot of computing power. But that’s what a computer precisely can do: Calculate! So, mining is equivalent to “renting” your equipment resources to ensure crypto-currency exchanges. In return, you obtain credit with a few cents of the mined currency.

How can this be done?

You can choose from two options: free mining and paid mining. Depending on the means you have to devote to it, in time and money, the way to proceed will be different.

Pool mining: efficient and straightforward

If the technical aspect worries you, you can delegate your mining to online platforms. They offer different subscriptions and pay you according to the evolution of the price of the mined currency, in fixed periods. Therefore, you receive your payment regularly, doing nothing more than paying for your subscription. However, prudence, as in any financial transaction related to the evolution of a price, does not guarantee profits.

Free mining: more tedious, but without any real risk

For the more cautious who do not wish to invest for a possible profit, there is still the free mining solution. Instead of renting computer power, you put at your disposal your graphics card or, in general, of your computer. Or you can buy a dedicated machine, called a rig, which will do just that. These sets have potent graphics cards, to have a maximum calculation capacity.

Crypto-currency mining without paying anything

Finally, it is also possible to try to mine crypto-currencies without investing the slightest penny. You can make your personal graphics card resources available. Earnings will be lower than with a computer. However, you have nothing to buy. Another option: mining through your web browser. A straightforward solution to implement, leave your computer running with a specific tab open, or a dedicated browser.

Now you have all the cards at hand so that you too can start extracting crypto-currencies: it’s your decision!

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